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Discount Roofing Services

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Discount Roofing Services

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Roofing Services in Pearland, TX

Roofing Installation 

At Dave’s Discount Roofing, we are committed to your well-functioning roof. Having been in business for over 31 years, we know what it takes to complete your roof repair in Pearland, TX. Our tradesmen are skilled and experienced, bringing you both residential and commercial roofing services at prices you can afford.


Whether your next roofing project is for your home or business, let us repair your asphalt, copper, metal, slate, tar, and gravel or TPO roof. When it comes to your roof in Pearland, there are some common problems that could occur and require roofing repair. Some are the result of a small leak or the weather and others from improper workmanship.

Roofing installation services with red shingles.

Re-Roofing and Roofing Replacement Services

If you’re looking for a roofer you can trust in Pearland, TX, you have come to the right place. At Dave’s Discount Roofing, we make it our priority to complete your roofing replacement with high-quality materials and service. Your roof protects everything underneath it. With damage or weathering, it can’t properly do its job. This could mean a loss in your investment.

What’s more is your roof plays a key role in insulating your home or business. Without proper insulation, energy costs could skyrocket. We are committed to replacing your roof with materials that will help it do what it is made to do so you don’t have to suffer from loss of investment or high utility bills.

Roofing Maintenance

If you are looking to protect your roof from harsh weather such as snow, rain, hail or wind you may need a professional such as Dave's Discount Roofing to help maintain your roof from future damage. Call the experts at Dave's Discount Roofing if you are prone to roof repairs and roof damage. We may be able to help discuss the necessary steps for a well-protected roof. 

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